Welcome 2020

  Hello Everyone and welcome to our 6BR blog for 2020. We have had a wonderful start to the year. The students are to be commended for their enthusiasm and the way they have transitioned punctiliously to the changes and challenges that Year 6 brings. Throughout 2020, the students will be posting on their personal […]

Community Service

All Year 6 students participated in the ‘Connecting with the Community’ program which forms part of the Year 6 ‘Lead Yourself into the Future’ expectations. The students chose a broad range of ways to help others and connect to their community. During our class discussions when students have shared their experiences it has been evident […]

Scientist presentation

Over the course of term 2 all 6B students researched and presented information on a chosen scientist. We all learnt about a range of scientists who have studied in diverse fields; some were even family members. This activity involved the students developing skills such as: Planing, rehearsing and delivering presentations Selecting, sequencing and summarising appropriate […]

6B Camp – Visit to sacred indigenous sites

  During our visit to the East Gippsland Mitchell River National Park we hiked out to visit sacred indigenous sites in the area located next to Woolshed Creek which flows into the Mitchell River. The girls were taken to the Den of Nargun – where the ‘Nargun’ lives according to Gunai/Kurnai tribal legends, a fierce half-human half-stone […]